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Android Application Development Training in Chandigarh

Android Application Development Training 

in Chandigarh

Android bring you best training in Android Mobile app development. Android training in Application
 Development is a 6 weeks and 6 Months Android course designed to provide essential skills and
 experience with developing applications on Android mobile platform.
Android is becoming very good platform for IT professionals who want to switch their career as well
 as seeking for job. Now-a day’s android has made its own zone in the market as we know android 
phone has various distinct features, so it is important to learn different methods of application 
programming regarding this. Well, this can only be viable by Android Training in Chandigarh 
The Android SDK produce the APIs & tools that are necessary to begin developing applications
 on the Android platform using the Java programming language. If you want to get smarter you 
must become professional in app development. We are providing you with well qualified team of 
android trainers who accomplished you in well organized and well mannered way that makes 
students understandable. We have mastered the Android SDK through great development and 
can effortlessly transfer our knowledge and skills to you through our . We are arrange efficient 
and able based training in android Application with live projects in Chandigarh and Punjab

Android training in Chandigarh

Android Application Development Training Program

  • Deploy and produce your very own Android application.
  • Learn how Android applications work – applications lifecycle, configuration intents, 
files and activities.
  • Get a well operating comprehension of Android UI –layouts, components, screen
 orientation and event handling.
  • Get operating skills of Android custom UI components and placement.
  • Get a stronger familiarity with broadcast receivers & Android services.
  • Comprehend Android net-working abilities such as for example Java XML,
 Java Sockets and JSON at Android Training in Chandigarh.
  • Create basic Android applications that act as an operating instance regarding the 
topics covered in class.

Course Curriculum Started with Android

  • Android Application fundamentals
  • Android Activities & tasks
  • layouts  & Components
  • Working on resources of Android
  • Layouts & views
  • Working on  interaction events of Android
  • Accessing of resources & grouping

Creating menus on Android

  • Internal Styles & themes
  • Creating dialogs, adding menus & icons

Working with notifying the users

  • Working with debugging applications
  • All Intent & intent filters
  • Using of Toast, Status bar, dialog notification
SQL database
  • Working with  sqlite
  • Sqlite open helper & creating a database
  • Opening & closing

 Content providers
  • Content provider mime types of Android
  • Searching for content on applications
  • All editing in Adding, changing, &  removing content
Graphics & Animations
  • Playing with  graphics in Android
  • xml driven Drawing in Android
  • Best practice  on Canvas drawing
  • Pro grammatically animations
  • Tweened animations

Accessing Android hardware

  • Working with  the media apps
  • Working with  the camera
  • Working with  the accelerometer & compass
  • Working with  Bluetooth
  • Animations (Creating animations, Introduction to twined animations, Applying 
tweened animations)
  • Accessing Android hardware (Using the media APIs, Camera, Accelerometer, 
Compass, Bluetooth, Wifi
  • Location Services (GPS, Google MapView, Telephony, SMS)

Career scope Android Development Training:

  • Scope for the android application developers of mobile devices has grown to a great extent. 
    Out of all the mobile operating systems, the mobile operating system that is growing in 
    popularity and dividend rates is the Android operating system. Best course in android for career.
  • After completion of 75% of classroom training (along with practical), student is certainly 
going through 2 Major Projects Training and 1 Project that is live Training the guidance of your 
Well experienced Android developer.

After being hands-on in projects in addition to android development concepts students is certainly 
going through interview recruitment and preparation process on it Industry learn  
Android Training in Chandigarh.

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