Thursday, 17 November 2016

Android application components

Android Application Components

The components are the building blocks of the application as the user can do operations only after entering through components. It may be dependent or independent.
The components of the application are as follows:
Content Providers
Broadcast receivers
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These components are playing different roles at different places.
Activities - An activity is the first component which interacts with the user. The email is the application in which there are so many options like composing email inbox, spam, and starred, etc these all are the activities. There are so many activities which can run in a single application.  If this will happen then a single activity out of so many activities marked as the activities which are presented the application in front of a user.
Services - The long-running operations like the music player running on the machine in the front end, while playing music suddenly you jump to some other application then the services able to continuously run that music at the back of your present application you are running.
Broadcast Receivers - The broadcast receivers helps to manage the broadcast messages. The broadcast receivers help the applications to communicate the data to the applications for their use. The data which is downloaded from some device or web communicate the particular applications through the broadcast receivers.
Content Providers - The supply of data from the one application to another when you requests for it so this component i.e. is content provider helps to move data from one application to another. To perform transactions from one application to another the bunch of API’s are set up by the content providers.
Some other components :
Fragments- Showing the user interface in an activity
Vie-   The logos of the applications seen on-screen
Layouts- related to the color, appearance, fonts of the screen.
Intents- Helps to connect all the components or the required component with   each other.
Resources- The elements like strings, consonants etc.
Manifest- Configures the files.
These are some components which let you run an application. I hope that this article will attract you to learn more about the android. If yes, then do Android training in Chandigarh to learn more about the android.


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