Thursday, 15 March 2018

Use of API in Android

What is API?

An application program interface is an arrangement of schedules, conventions, and devices for building programming applications. Fundamentally, an API decide how programming parts consider
collaborate. Also, APIs are utilized when programming graphical UI factors. A decent API makes it available to build up a program by giving all the building pieces. A software engineer at that point assembles the pieces for Android Training in Chandigarh.

Android API

Types of API:-

Sensors API:- The Sensors API gives way to deal with crude sensor information current from
sensors accessible on the Android gadget and from sensors introduce in buddy gadgets.

Recording API:- The Recording API gives a programmed capacity for quality information utilizing
commitment. Google Fit stores wellness information of the nitty gritty composes out of sight and
proceed application memberships.

History API :- The History API gives access to the wellness history and lets applications perform
mass activities, such as embeddings, erasing, and perusing wellness information. Applications can
likewise import cluster information into Google Fit.

Sessions API:- The Sessions API furnishes usefulness to store wellness information with session
metadata. Sessions speak to a period interim amid which clients play out a wellness movement.

Goals API :-The Goals API gives an approach to track the objectives the client has set for their
wellbeing and wellness advance.

Bluetooth Low Energy API:-The Bluetooth Low Energy API gives access to Bluetooth Low Energy
sensors in Google Fit. This API empowers your application to search for accessible BLE gadgets
and to store information from them in the wellness store.

Config API :-The Config API gives custom information composes and extra settings for Google Fit.
For more data, see Custom Data Types and Disconnect from Google Fit.

Google Maps API: Google Maps APIs gives designers a chance to insert Google Maps on site
pages utilizing a JavaScript or Flash interface. The Google Maps API is intended to take a shot
at cell phones and work area programs.

YouTube APIs: Google's APIs gives designers a chance to coordinate YouTube recordings and
usefulness into sites or applications. YouTube APIs incorporate the YouTube Analytics API, YouTube
Data API, YouTube Live Streaming API, YouTube Player APIs and others.

Flickr API: The Flickr API is utilized by engineers to get to the Flick photograph sharing group
information. The Flickr API comprises of an arrangement of callable strategies, and a few API

Twitter APIs: Twitter offers two APIs. The REST API enables engineers to get to center Twitter
data and the Search API gives techniques to designers to connect with Twitter Search and patterns

Amazon Product Advertising API: Amazon Product Advertising API gives designers access to
Amazon's item choice and disclosure usefulness to promote Amazon items to adapt a site.

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