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introduction to android Features and Applications

What Everybody must Know About Android: Introduction, Features & Applications

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Introduction to Android :
Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, Linux based operating system it is
designed and other open source software primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as
smartphones and tablet computers. The operating system has built up a great deal in most
recent 15 years beginning from black and white phones to recent smart phones or minicomputers.
A standout amongst the most generally utilized portable OS nowadays is android. The android
is software that was founded in Palo Alto of California in 2003.

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The android is an effective operating system and it supports the extensive number of uses in
Smartphones. These applications are more agreeable and progressed for the users. The
hardware that backings android programming depends on ARM architecture platform.

The android is an open source operating system means that it’s free and anyone can use it.
The android has got millions of apps available that can help you manage your life one or other
way and it is available to low cost in the market for that reasons android is very popular.

The Android development supports the full java programming language. Even other packages
that are API and JSE are not supported. The first version 1.0 of android development kit (SDK)
was released in 2008 and latest updated version is jelly bean.

Android Architecture:

The Android operating system is a stack of software components which architecture is basically
divided into five sections and four main layers that are

  • Linux kernel
  • Libraries
  • Android Run-time
  • Application framework
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Linux kernel:

The android utilizes the effective Linux part and it supports extensive variety of hardware drivers.
The kernel is the core of the operating system that manages input and output requests from
software. This gives essential framework functionalities like process administration, memory
administration, device management like camera, keypad, display etc the kernel handles every
one of the things.
The Linux is really good at networking and it isn't important to interface it to the fringe equipment.
The kernel itself does not connect directly with the user but rather collaborates with the shell and
distinctive tasks and in addition to the hardware devices on the system.

The on top of a Linux kernel there is a set of libraries including open source web browser such as
WebKit, library libc. These libraries are used to play and record audio and video. The SQLite is a
database which is useful for storage and sharing of application data. The SSL libraries are
complexities of the Secure Sockets Layer responsible for internet security and protocol for
an application.

Android Runtime:

The Android runtime used by the Android operating system. It is specially designed and optimized
for Android. The Dalvik VM is the process virtual machine in the Android operating system.
Android runtime performs the translation of the application's bytecode into native instructions.
It is an application runtime environment used by the operating system of Android and the
software that runs apps on Android devices. The Dalvik VM makes use of Linux core features
like memory management and Java language. The Dalvik VM enables every android application
to run its own process. The Dalvik VM  executes the files in the .dex format.

Application framework:

The application framework layer provides many higher-level services to applications such as
windows manager, view system, package manager, resource manager etc. The application
developers are allowed to make use of these services in their application.

Applications and Features of Android:

Every application plays out an alternate part in the overall applications. You will discover all the
android applications at the best layer and you will compose your application and introduce on
this layer.
The instance of such applications are contacts, books, projects, organizations et cetera.
Each application has out a substitute impact in the general applications.


  • Headset layout
  • Storage
  • Connectivity: GSM/EDGE, Bluetooth, WI-FI, EDGE,3G, GPS.
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, C2DM (could to device messaging), GCM (Google cloud messaging)
  • Multi-Language support
  • Multi-touch
  • Video calling
  • Screen capture
  • External storage
  • Streaming media support
  • Optimized graphics

Android Emulator:
The Emulator is a new application in the Android operating system. The emulator is another
prototype that is utilized to create and test Android applications without utilizing any physical

The Android emulator provides a variety of navigation and control keys. It also provides a
screen to display your application. The emulators use the android virtual gadget designs.
Once your application is running on it, it can utilize administrations of the Android stage to
help different applications, get to the system, play sound, video, store and recover the information.

Application of Android- Android Application Controlled

Remote Robot Operation:

It controls the robotic vehicle using an android application. The Blue tooth device is interfaced to
control unit on the robot for distinguishing the signs transmitted by the android application. The
remote assignment is refined by any smart phone or tablet with Android OS in view of touch
screen activity. These commands are used for controlling the robot all over, for instance,
forward, backward and left or right and so on.

The receiver end development is accomplished by two engines that are interfaced to the
micro controller. The serial correspondence information sent from the android application
is received by a Blue tooth beneficiary that is interfaced to the micro controller.


  • Android is Linux based open source operating system, it can be created by anyone
  • Simple access to the Android applications
  • You can replace the battery and mass storage,  plate drive and USB alternative
  • It supports all Google services
  • The operating system can advise you of another SMS and Emails or most recent updates.
  •  It supports Multitasking
  • Android phone can likewise work as a switch to share web
  • It's free to customize
  • Can introduce a modified ROM
  • It supports 2D and 3D graphics

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