Thursday, 1 December 2016

Dissimilarities between the Android and PHP

Dissimilarities between the Android and PHP ?

Android is an operating system based on Linux and is used to develop the mobile applications. It is not only the operating system but also the middle ware and key applications. It supports a large number of applications in smart phones. ARM architecture is the hardware supporting android. On the other hand, the PHP focused on the server side scripting that helps to collect the form data, receive different page content, send or receive the cookies. There are three main areas used in the PHP scripts:
Server-side scripting- this script is the main target field for the PHP. In this, you need to have the parser, web browser, and the web server
PHP command- line scripting- It can be used if you have to run the program without the server and the browser. These scripts can also use for simple text processing.
Writing desktop applications- PHP is not the best option for making the desktop applications with the help of graphical user interface.
Some of the other features and specifications of android are
Application framework- to use the components, again and again, android provides the application framework.
Virtual machine- it is helpful to optimize the mobile devices.
Some of the other features the android provides you like media support, SQlite, optimized graphics etc. There is the continuous growth of mobile technology in the world which shows the continuous growth in the mobile development that is only due to the android. The PHP and the android both are helpful for making the applications for the smart phones but the most used applications are those which are made by the android. SO, PHP did not compete with android because at each and every step the android is advanced in the technology.
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