Thursday, 20 April 2017

Overview of Android

Overview of Android 

Android is the operating system, which has developed rapidly in last 15 years. It was found in 2003 and later the company was acquired by Google in 2005. Since then you can see the speed of its development. This is the widely used Mobile Operating System you can see these days. This Mobile operating system is based on Linux kernel designed for touch screen mobiles. And you can see no-one without a touch screen mobile. From a child of 10 years to an elderly person,, everyone wants to use it. Being so easy and convenient to use no sector and zone is left untouched by the technology.

As you can see that how much the system has expanded and crossed the boundaries to reach the remotes. Which reminds us that, one can be a pro in this field of technology and make lots of bucks.

Sounds Good! Right?

Yes, it does and once you have entered the field, no one can stop you being the best developer.

But to be the best one, you need to learn and train yourself.
No to worry about being trained as India is full of training institutes for you. These training institutes train you well, they give you a theoretical knowledge, make you perform the same practically, Live assignments will help you a lot. You are just a tap away from the best institutes of your area, as you just need to type “ Android training in Chandigarh /  Delhi / Mumbai / Hyderabad / Bangalore /  Chennai / …………

Whether you are a  graduate or a school pass out, every institute helps you build-up your career.

So, if you are and IT-freak, please do check out the best place as per your area of interest and join it for you sparkling bright future


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