Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Get access to another Android Phone

Get access to another android Phone

Android is an operating system which is used to develop the mobile applications. It is based on the Linux kernel.The android is the best technology as comparisons to other technologies which is used in developing the huge amount of android applications. All the android applications are appreciated by the users of the android phone.There is around 10 million people who are using the android smartphones because the Android Smartphones consists of a number of interesting features as well as applications which makes one’s life much easier. Now, I am going to share with you the one more advance feature about the android that is you can remotely control one android phone with the other which means that you can easily access any feature of another android phone from your Android phone. You can operate any feature of someone’s phone.

Get access to another Android Phone

There are some cool applications through which it can be possible:

1. Teamviewer
This is the most usable app in android which can be used to gain the access to another android phone. As you heard the name of the team viewer, through this you can operate the another phone with the help of your phone and also can change the settings of that other phone. You can also transfer the files from one phone to another. Support the multiple computers easily operate the keyboard functionality. Can also access the computers behind the proxy servers.

2. Joinme.com
This application is also used to operate the another android phone. This application is mostly used for the discussions among the team members and can also operate the functions of another phone. You have to create the personal links for using this application. Can also swap` among the team members while doing discussions. A desktop version is also available in this application.

3. RemoDroid
It is also one of the applications which are used to get the access over the others phone. As this is the most popular app but little buggy because this application might not work properly with all devices.

4. ScreenShare
This will help you to share the multimedia files like music, pics, vids and the documents from one phone to another phone.You can also play the content of someone's phone. This is the free applications which can be provided to you free of cost.

So,  the Android consists of the vast technology which will be best if you opt it as your career option. Learn Android by doing Android Training in Chandigarh provided by the CBitss Technologies. There is the scripting language which is named as PHP. PHP is also one of the finest languages used by the developers. So you can also learn PHP by doing PHP Training in Chandigarh.


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