Monday, 26 December 2016

Android Latest Application

Android Latest Application

Android is an operating system which is used to develop the mobile applications for the touchscreen mobile phones. It is based on the Linux kernel. The Android keep on developing the applications over the short span of time. It is best to learn Android Technology, so do Android Training in Chandigarh. The Android Latest Application developed by the Symantec has launched the Norton Mobile security for the Android mobile phones which contains a report card in which you will get an information about the data and can also provide the privacy and security analysis.Android Latest Application

It can also include the enhanced "APP Adviser" which helps you to protect your mobile phone from the malicious and unwanted programs.

After surveying, it is believed that people are more vigilant about the security of their mobile phones. This venerable application gets the good response from the people, the reason behind it is that, in this agile life, everyone wants to secure their data from the malicious and the insecure programs. This software helps the people to protect their mobile phones which contain the sensitive as well as the secluded information.

The 'Report card'  shown by this application helps the user to view the security and privacy data at the angle of 360 degrees to control the operations, which will let the user overcome the potential mobile threats and privacy risks.

It also offers an easy-to-understand list of inherent secrecy vulnerabilities, like past unsecured Wi-Fi links so users can experience whichever data might be in jeopardy and subject accurate,” the organization said. If the equipment is succumbed or seized, “Norton Mobile Security for Android” provides anti-theft capabilities and connections backup to support users find their device and restore mislaid information.

Some of the useful applications in android are as follows:

Camscanner- As we know that due to advanced technology, the ID Proof, and other identification documents is needed. If you need a scanned document on the urgent basis you will not use original document, then you need a scanned copy of a document. So, this app will help you to scan your document at the moment you need it. This Application also includes the OCR support which can help you to convert the images into text.

Google Drive- The Google drive is the google cloud storage which is the most powerful. The multitasks were performed on the Google Drive as it includes the Docs, Sheets, Slides with which help you can do word processing, spreadsheets, and slides for the presentations. You can access your data from anywhere which was stored in the Google Drive.

Android is a very vast technology so adopt it as your career option. Learn Android Training in Chandigarh provided by the CBitss Technologies.

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